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PLEASE NOTE: Courtney is currently on a health leave of absence. Please check back here for updates when readings are available again! 


the experience is beyond words...

I am so happy that I had a soul reading with Courtney. She answered the question that had been lingering around me my whole life, which was, "What is the purpose of my life?" Now, I understand that I have been trapped in concepts and ideas instead of just being and expressing! Courtney's guided meditation was powerful, and it is all clear to me now. The experience helped me get connected to the Source, which is what I have been seeking my whole life and I didn’t know it! When we began the meditation, after a few minutes, the answer came to me and I feel so blessed that I can be in this moment now! 


It was an absolute pleasure to have a Soul Reading with Courtney today. The guidance and energy that flowed through her was loving and genuine. The advice I received was spot on for what is happening in my life at this time, as it should be, because no-one knows me better than my Higher Self! I have made pages of notes from our hour together and will be absorbing the information over the coming days and weeks. I actually feel a huge sense of relief after the session, like a part of me surrendered to life even more. Time to practice some self-care and self-love and like the wise bear, use the winter to hibernate for a while and dream.  Thank you Courtney. Bless you for sharing your divine light with me. Love. 

- Rob Holmes; Devon, UK. 

I was simply amazed and grateful for my reading from Courtney...the energy that flows through her is beautiful and the message was so spot on. I had goose bumps from all the good energy, and it is definitely something I will check into again! It was a very beautiful experience, thank you for sharing your gifts Courtney! Love and blessings to you for who you are and all that you do. 

- Pamela 


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