Soul readings: Unveil your soul. Live free.

Soul readings: Unveil your soul. Live free.



soul readings


A soul reading with Courtney is an opportunity to have a real time conversation and energy exchange with your soul; the deepest part of your being. From this personalized space of love and communion guided by Courtney, the perfect wisdom, healing, and awakening for you comes about effortlessly. Through simple guided meditation, you will leave your reading feeling awakened to your limitless potential & more connected with your most authentic self. 



This ancient practice is a participatory musical mantra experience that decreases stress & awakens your spirit. Kirtan, a form of Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of devotion), is an ancient practice that stems from India. The call and response nature of Kirtan involves both performers and audience, setting a unique and sacred space that quiets the mind, reduces stress, and awakens your spirit within. Kirtan is open to all people, regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs. 

Teachings from god


Teachings from God is a self-help book, bringing messages of love and inspiration to seekers on a path of spiritual growth, personal development, and transformation. It is an invitation to awaken to your true nature and reveal the Divine Within. The essence of the work of Teachings From God is to uncover our true nature, the divine within, that once discovered will launch every person on a path of empowerment. Unveil your Soul. Live Free.